ELV System for Buildings Service provider in Doha, Qatar

ELV System for Buildings service provider in Doha, Qatar

ELV System for Buildings stands for Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) extra-low voltage System deployed in residential and commercial buildings for the purposes of better control and security. Usually, it comprises a variety of sub-systems like:

ELV is the terminology used as a part of the construction world trying to electrically characterize every one of the systems in a building which require power to run however are not some portion of the building’s main electrical system. ELV stands for Extra Low Voltage system. ELV covers all the new current advances that are progressively getting to be must-have frameworks in each building, for example, data network, CCTV, fire alert systems, public alarm systems, sound or video systems, access control and interruption recognition systems, home mechanization, and substantially more!

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