Fire System

Fire System

A fire alarm system has a number of devices working together to detect and warn people through visual and audio appliances when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, or other emergencies are present.

Consultancy and Design of Fire Fighting & Fire Detection Solutions

Installation and Maintenance of Fire Fighting & Fire Detection Solutions

Specialized Services

Fire Detection & Evacuation System

Fire detectors sense one or more of the products or phenomena resulting from fire, such as smoke, heat, infrared and/or ultraviolet light radiation, or gas.

Fire Suppression System

Exit Light Systems & Battery Systems

Emergency exit lights are designed to guide people to safety during an emergency.

Fire Suppression System

fire suppression system is an engineered group of units that are built to extinguish fires through the application of a substance. Most commonly, a fire suppression system has built-in components that detect fires at the beginning stages through heat, smoke, and other warning signals.

Fire Pumps & Foam Systems

A fire pump is a part of a fire sprinkler system’s water supply and powered by electricity, diesel, & petrol. The pump intake is either connected to the public underground water supply piping, or a static water source (e.g., tank, reservoir, lake).

The foam used for fire suppression has three components. Foam concentrate, water, and air combine together to create foam. When the suppression system is triggered, it releases a blanket of foam. Fires are extinguished by a combination of cooling and smothering of the flames. The foam also traps flammable vapors that could possibly ignite.

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